Congratulations! Excitement, tears of joy, fear, followed by sheer panic is what we hear from our “Brides to Be” all the time. Saying “YES” to a proposal is a “BIG DEAL”, but it’s just the beginning!  That’s where we come in! Take a deep breath and don’t forget to enjoy every single moment of the process.

 You’ve been planning for this day all your life, make it special, from the perfect dress to the single rose centerpiece, go ahead, It’s your day! Planning a wedding can be overwhelming if you don’t have these 5 helpful hints.

  1. Entertain the idea of a wedding coordinator : Alleviate as much undo stress and anxiety as possible. Let someone else do all the work and you just show up to the big day!  Not in the budget? There are plenty of youtube videos and pinterest boards on DIY WEDDINGS { PS: I did my own wedding}
  2. Book a venue: Prime locations fill up fast! If a destination wedding is what you desire, We suggest a year in advance plan.
  3. Choose your photographer: This is a very crucial step although often times overlooked and saved for last. I mean think about it, if  this is the day you’ve dreamed of since you were a little girl, then why takes chances on missing out on one of the most precious memories of your life. Put it in your budget, don’t settle for less than the most beautiful and stunning photos of your big day to share and to cherish for years to come!
  4. Say YES TO THE DRESS: Choosing the most special wedding gown can be very daunting, having a budget in mind will help this process go a little smoother.  Again, if a designer gown is not the way to go, consider vintage gowns, consignments shops or renting your dress. There are all sorts of options theses days, no need to worry. Take  your mom, a few family members, or just your girls and enjoy trying on the many exquisite bridal gowns available for your special occasion.  
  5.  Remember to enjoy the journey: You’ll spend countless hours picking out the right invitations, the caterer, the band, which florist to use. Months of budgeting and planning, choosing the bridal party, maybe even creating a father daughter dance for the entertainment. Deciding  if you want chicken or fish on the menu, all seem so trivial in the grand scheme of things because really the most important decision you’ll make, has already been made….. You chose each other, you chose to say I do, you chose a lifetime of laughter, tears, joy and yeah a lil pain sometimes, but that’s life! Your forever is waiting on you, don’t miss out on it, “savor your wedding day experience to have to look back on for years to come”! 

5 Tips for male photoshoots

With beautiful brides and elaborate wedding dresses, the guys sometimes get left out of the equation. Here are some quick tips to ensure you are not just a mere “prop” for the bride.

  • A Fresh Cut is always a great confidence booster. If possible, a styled hair cut the day of your event is preferable, or at least the day before. Nothing adds class, style, and swag like well-groomed hair. If you have facial hair, go ahead and spring for the extra bucks to have it trimmed as well.
  • Don’t go to your fitting too soon. If this is a formal event and requires fitting for a tuxedo or suit, don’t schedule too far out. This allows for any weight you might lose or gain. This is especially true if you are physically active or on a exercise regiment. Of course you don’t want to cut it too close and end up in a pinch for time. Trust me, it’s much easier to deal with tight pants than a stressed bride to be.
  • Pretend you’re in a magazine or hip-hop video. Always try to exude confidence and certainty. Models in magazines look like a million bucks, and guys in videos act like they have a million bucks. So think about your bank balance, then add 5 zeros to it. Now think how that makes you feel and try to let that feeling show through in your photographs.
  • Wear clothing that makes you feel good. Maybe you saw a sportscaster wearing a nice suit. Maybe your favorite artist had a nice outfit at an awards show. If you’re thinking, “I could definitely rock that,” then give it a try.
  • Compliment your other half. Although this is rarely an issue with weddings, it can flare up in portrait sessions. You don’t wanna dress like you’re in the group Queen, if she’s dressed for tea with the queen.

Hopefully these tips will be helpful in preparing for your event. For more tips and ideas, click here to join our mailing list and get all the latest updates.

Session Day Jitters?

We know that portrait and wedding sessions can bring on anxiety and stress. You have tons of questions and no idea what to expect. We can help take the worry out of your big day. We will walk you through your session with patience and professionalism. You can expect our sessions to very relaxed and casual. Our ultimate goal is to capture your special moments. Here are suggestions on what to wear.

  • Outfits should coordinate but do not have to match. Muted and natural colors are favored for keeping the focus on the face and not the clothing. These tones also work better against our scenic backgrounds.
  • Wear something comfortable and conducive to the weather, it will help you focus on the photo shoot, instead of how uncomfortable you feel. Footwear is especially important for comfort when standing and walking during the session
  • Wear something with texture. It aids in visual quality and reveals shape, tone, color and depth. Focus on these levels of detail are important and can make a big impact when capturing the “perfect photograph.”
  • Wear something you love. Grandma’s pearls, your favorite sweater, mom’s earrings. All of these items provide special meaning and provide a warm, cozy, and relaxed state. Wear something that is true to your personality and makes you feel gorgeous and confident. Our goal is to capture you in the calm, beautiful state that lets the real you shine through!

For more tips and ideas, click here to join our mailing list and get all the latest updates.